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6 song split with Beyond the Aftermath


released August 30, 2015



all rights reserved


WICKED WORLD Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WICKED WORLD is a deathmetal / hardcore band from Whitewater, WI




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Track Name: WICKED WORLD - One With the Abyss
"(I awake to the thoughts of my last breaths.
And in that dream I was reborn into the sea of my annihilation.)

What happens when I drown on the blood you shed for me
Will the clouds of misery stop holding up my feet?

I found my way to the tree of life
I bed down in my grave beneath it
Like sleeping under the stars
I thought about life but couldn't keep it

Destroy me in love
Drown me in lust
Dissolve into the sky
Dust to Dust

Nothing is true
This shadow on me
Keeps me from you

This flower won't bloom
Only wither
As I become the sinner

I burned down this temple
It became all I hated
My machine of masochism
Too late to cure my vision

The chains of misery are bound to me
I never thought I'd be the reason I choose to sink

Every breath is a taste of sin
All I do is let the bad parts in
You didn't bleed for me, you should know by now
I'm not about to bleed for you

The chains of misery are bound to me
I never thought I'd be the reason
I choose to sink

Until the end
I'll suffer
My life's all but spent

I'll bleed myself dry

Dark days are ahead of me
Dark Days, Dark Days, Dark Days are ahead of me"
Track Name: WICKED WORLD - Save My Soul
"How'd my words fall on deaf ears?
Haven't you heard a single word
I've been calling out in the night
To escape the darkness
But the veil never lifts, the claws of evil have a tight grip

I kept you in my prayers as I prayed to you
Are you still in slumber all these years later?
I've become nothing more than a god damn failure

I eat my body and drink my blood
I can't ever fill my cup

I wonder where I went wrong
I wonder where I went wrong

Who out there can save my soul?
My heads been busy spinning out of control
My hands are tied in a constant prayer
My eyes are closed, a blank stare

Pray for me I don't know what to say
Pray for me before I decay
Pray for me to be alone
Sink just like this heart of stone

Pray for me
Save my soul"